Kerry Pruitt with Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun

Come listen to Kerry Pruitt talk about his amazing gun/archery range where he also displays the trophy he and his daughters have collected from over 17 trips to Africa and other countries. Kerry is an American Airlines pilot and an avid hunter. He tells stories about some of his wildest adventures, close calls with death, and his most impressive trophies.

Craig Meier joins us to talk about Helicopter hunting and 3 Curl Outfitters

Champion Auctioneer and professional aerial hunter Craig Meier Joins the On the Mark Podcast to discuss his humble beginnings, and give us insight on what it takes to manage the Hog population. Craig also discusses how he and 3 Curl Outfitters teamed up to become one of the most premier hunting outfits in Texas.  During this show Craig also talks about what it takes to run an Auction and gives us a preview of his auctioneering abilities.

Ep17. Spencer Kirksey Calls into the On the Mark Podcast

Spencer Kirksey with Poddy Mouth Podcast, and Send Butter Apparel joins the On the Mark Podcast to discuss hot topics like Californians fleeing to Texas, the business fall out and gains post covid, and men competing in women’s sports. Range time is not foreign to Spencer, and he gives us a recap of his latest experience shooting long range with a Kopfjager gun rest system!

Musician Christian Wolbers Joins The Sightmark Podcast

Christian Wolbers join Jeff Hamilton and Kevin Reese on the On the Mark Podcast. They discuss Christian’s introduction to firearms, his father’s shady dealings, and how he got into the music industry. Christian also talks about his experiences night hunting on a 5,000 acre  ranch in Granbury , TX, and explains European carp fishing market and how sacred that sport is to them.

Cable Smith With Lonestar Outdoor Show

Cable Smith with the Lonestar Outdoors Show joined the On The Mark Podcast and kicked around Covid-19, discussed losing his prized buck to his neighbor due to a malfunction, and explores the obstacles of low-fence, free-range, hunting for whitetails. Cable also enlightens us to the only 3 ways to eradicate wild hogs. Sightmark’s own Jeff Hamilton, shares stories about 3 legged deer, and an idiot who only took one arrow.

Competition Shooter Marius Kazanskis

Marius Kazanskis educates us on what it takes to shoot competitively. He walks through what to expect when starting out to become a competitive shooter, how to gain sponsors, how and where to train, and most importantly the recipe for success for. Marius is proud to run only Sightmark optics during his competitions and even shows off his favorite set ups. The On The Mark Podcast is proud to introduce Marius Kazanskis as one of Sightmark’s sponsored shooters!

Kaitlyn Lowes Explains What it Takes To be A Social Media Influencer in the Outdoor Industry

Kaitlyn Lowes joins Sightmark’s “On the Mark” podcast and delves into what it takes to be a social media influencer in the outdoor industry. She discusses her goal to get more people involved in the shooting sports, and hunting lifestyle, through the “Stewards of the Wild” program, and how they help people by providing mentorship and opportunities to those who need it. She also discusses one of her most memorable hunts and how she mastered hunting on horseback.

James Sellers President of Sightmark

Jeff Hamilton, host of the “On The Mark Podcast”, introduces James Sellers, President of Sightmark. They discuss James’ upbringing, beliefs, and his lasting determination to get more people involved in the outdoors industry. James also discusses Sightmark’s evolution from start-up to a large-scale optics company specializing in digital optics.

American Guns and Ammo Calls in to the On The Mark Podcast

In this episode of the On the Mark Podcast Jeff Hamilton and Al Coury discuss American Guns and Ammo in Arizona and customer service is king for Al. Tune in and listen on any of your favorite audio streaming apps. You can also now watch on Youtube as well

Sightmark introduces Tim Lang with Ann Arbor Arms

This episode of the “On The Mark Podcast” featuring Ann Arbor Arms is now available! Director Tim Lang gives us insight on surviving amongst 11 siblings, his experiences in the Marines and his time in Iraq. Jeff and Tim also delve into the topic of discrimination of the firearms industry, as well as the importance of finding the right firearm for your needs. Listen now on your favorite podcast channels and platforms!