Father/son combo of Kevin and Scott Ready From Country Attic Treasures join Jeff Hamilton for a new episode

On this week’s On the Mark Podcast episode, Jeff Hamilton explores the world of premium shotguns with Kevin and Scott Ready from Country Attic Treasures in Ohio. They explain the differences between various shotguns—from $400 Remingtons to $4,000 Blasers—and how a rush to buy semi-automatic rifles affected shotgun sales. They also discuss why Ohio hasn’t joined the Constitutional Carry bandwagon.
Check it out on any of your favorite streaming platforms!

Sightmark Hosts Rainie with Sportsmans Outfitters from Longview Texas

Rainie Tucker joins “The On The Mark Podcast” to share her experiences as a female working within the Firearms industry. Join Jeff Hamilton and Sightmark as they get a glimpse into Rainie’s journey on becoming the manager for Sportsmans Outfitters. In this episode they cover topics such as, women crushing the industry with excellence, juggling children and hunting, the importance of a range finder while night hunting, and personal hunting stories!

Sightmark calls Garrett Streitz, President of APF Armory (Alex Pro Firearms)

Sightmark is proud to present an episode of the “On the Mark Podcast” with Garrett Streitz, President of APF Armory. Garrett explains APF’s rebranding from “Alex Pro Firearms” and shares his experiences opening a firearms manufacturing facility in the liberal stronghold of Minnesota. During this episode, host Jeff Hamilton and Garrett exchange thoughts about the ATF proposal on pistol braces, the growing popularity of red dots on handguns, and how children tend to improve their parent’s outdoor activities. This episode is live and available on your favorite audio streaming platforms.

Connor Sharp and Derik Sherlund from Foxhole Armament Join Sightmark

A dynamic duo from Iowa join our own Jeff Hamilton for an awesome podcast. Connor and Derik from Foxhole Armament discuss Barrel twist rates, David Chipman, and night time hunting with digital optics! This episode will also shed some light the differences between Iowa and Texas when it comes to firearm policies. Sightmark proudly presents this episode!

Austin Rohr with Superior Outfitters on TX guns laws and Africa Hunts

Jeff Hamilton hosts Austin Rohr from Superior Outfitters as they discuss Austin’s recent hunt in Africa, explore the new exciting gun freedoms Texas has added while also shining on a bit of reality on what the Federal Government would be able to enforce when it comes to these new Texas laws. This Sightmark presented episode is sure to educate and inform you on numerous topics within the Firearms industry.

Will James with Defender Outdoors Joins Sightmark

Will James from Defender Outdoors Joins Jeff Hamilton at Sightmark to discuss how Defender was able to handle the notorious Corona Virus, and the intense ammo shortages. They also discuss the FIND Act, and how Operation Choke Point was created to throttle down the firearms industry. Will also presents his BEST hog hunting set ups to the On the Mark Podcast, and gives the tips to night time hunters.

Sightmark Introduces Pookie of Pookie’s Archery and Guns

Pookie Joins the “On the Mark Podcast” to discuss his Pro Shop, firearm sales, new people in the firearms industry, and digital night vision riflescopes! We also dive into the wonderful world of shooting, optics, hunting, the 2nd amendment, and self-defense. The “On the Mark Podcast” will have you laughing, and engaged in what’s going on within the firearms industry!